Hook, line and sinker … surf fishing at Bondi. Photograph Bay Tribe


Sun, sea, sand, scenery and stunning lifestyle … we know why you want to live in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. We also know it is one of Australia’s most competitive real estate markets – one in which, from a buyer’s perspective, property is sold the hard way: at auction.

Auctions can be an intimidating, emotionally fraught test of nerves that can prove very costly when mistakes are made in the heat of the moment. But not with Relocate East as your guide. Once you have found the property you wish to bid for, Relocate East’s expert auction skills will give you the upper hand.

Our Bid at Auction Package will:

  • Free you of the high pressure and emotion of buying at auction;
  • Prevent overbidding;
  • Help you plan an auction strategy;
  • Help you set a maximum bid value for each property;
  • Bid for you;
  • Help you work through the options – including whether to make an offer before auction and
  • How to proceed if the auction concludes on a vendor’s bid;
  • We can protect your privacy – for buyers who wish to remain anonymous – by registering to bid on your behalf under an auction-only power of attorney.
  • We also invite you to also consider our Evaluation and Negotiation Package.


We believe our packages are a necessity, not a luxury; they are affordable for all budgets and represent exceptional value. We invite you to consider our Fees.